Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to Increase Website Traffic, Top 5 Ways

Today, we are going to talk about five ways you can increase traffic to your website, so that you can grow your business or your personal brand but if you have a website, you are wondering probably how to get more traffic to it. You want people to get interested in it, to engage with you, and to obviously find you so that they can hire you for services, be a client, or buy your products. Whatever you're trying to do. Website traffic is important. I totally get it, and I am going to give you five great ways that you can increase your website traffic.

So first you know I am going to lead with one of my favorite ones, which is video marketing. Video marketing and using things like YouTube can really help the traffic for your website. There are a couple ways you can handle this. One, you can actually link back to your website from your YouTube videos, and a lot of people like to do that in the, you know, first or second line of the description of their YouTube video, and that's fine. I used to do that a lot, but I'm less worried about that now, and more worried about my SEO ranking in YouTube natively, so I don't need to do that as much. I actually just lead with it in the intro to my videos. So, that's an option for you. Another way you can do it is actually embedding your YouTube videos on your website. This has an unintended advantage though because if people watch the YouTube video on your website, then you actually can boost your search ranking because they're spending more time on your web page and that's going to make your web page more relevant in Google

My second tip for increasing your website traffic is to give something away for free, but giving something away for free is a great strategy for getting a lot of interest in your website. This is something that you can promote in social media easily and get a lot of traffic from it, you don't have to give it away for free entirely. You can get something in return. You can get someone to sign up for your e-mail list, and as you know, having a great e-mail list in marketing is huge and the money is really in the list, so you need to be leveraging that effectively.

A third way to increase the traffic to your website is an obvious one for some of you. It's called SEO, search engine optimization. I am going to have to explain what it is to newbies, but the main thing is if you are going do search engine optimization, you need to do it right. I would recommend that if you are not skilled in this or educated in it, and you don't have the time to learn it, just outsource it, but if you do want to become educated in it, there are so many resources and tools and information out there for free that you can consume. The big thing is to make sure that you are thinking about your users and what they're likely to search for and making sure that you are putting out content that's relevant to that and that your internal pages are mapping to that. The easiest example I can give is that if you are, you know, a Web designer guy or gal in USA, then you probably will want to use the term Web designer and developer in the heading of your pages and USA so that people in your area doing a local search are more likely to find you. This might seem really obvious, but a lot of people are overlooking that and literally just putting home and about in the title and the heading of their pages. So, a lot of people are missing out on an opportunity there.

My fourth way that you can actually increase your website traffic is social media. This might seem like a very obvious thing, but a lot of people are actually just tweeting away in social media and never linking back to their website. A lot of people have their LinkedIn profile, their Twitter profile, their Instagram accounts, whatever, and it never links back to their website. They have it going somewhere else, getting that traffic and that value, and you really should be directing people to your website, maybe to your free giveaway, just anything like that. So I would highly encourage you to really think about how you use social media to get people to go to your website. Share a valuable piece of content and information. Use your lead magnet or your free giveaway as your pinned post in Twitter. Make sure that you're posting articles and content from your content marketing strategy or blog in Facebook, but just don't be spammy about it. This is a great way to get traffic to your website and give people valuable information that they might actually need.

My fifth and final tip on increasing your website traffic is to consider doing guest posts, or contributing content, on other sites and platforms. This is a great way to take advantage of an existing audience. You can also, again, be a contributor to other websites that might be actually looking for content that you put out there. Just go ahead and e-mail the person in charge of that website or contact them in social media and let them know that you're interested in guest posting and just show them samples of your work and see if that's something that they'd be interested. See if there's a win-win there, and, you know, just go for it. Content marketing in this way is great because you can take advantage of an existing audience that probably cares about the same things that you're talking about over on your website, and again, it's a tremendous opportunity. So go ahead and look into guest posting.

So those are our five ways that you can increase your website traffic. I hope this was helpful for you.